Orpheus Edit

Orpheus is from Earth and is a strong admirer of Inkheart.

He can also read characters in (unlike Mo) and out of stories.

In Inkspell Edit

Orpheus is read into Inkheart near the end of the book by Meggie, so he can write something to bring Dustfinger back because at that point Dustfinger is dead.

Orpheus brags about how he read himself into the book.

He makes Farid his servant by tricking him into thinking he could bring Dustfinger back faster if he had a servant.

In Inkdeath Edit

Orpheus reads himself treasures to pay for the maids, chefs, and a bodyguard he hired.

Names Edit

birth name: Orpheus

He is also called many other names-

by Farid: cheese face, milk face, moon face

by Fenoglio: calf's-head

by others: four eyes