Meggie Folchart
Current Affiliation: Inkworld
Past Affiliation(s): Human World
Book Appearances: Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath
Mortimer Folchart
Teresa Folchart
Elinor Loredan
Allies: Farid, Dustfinger, Fenoglio

Meggie Folchart is a character in the Inkworld trilogy by Cornelia Funke.

Description Edit

Meggie is described as a tall and slim girl with long,blonde hair and blue eyes. People say she looks just like her mother. Meggie generally wears casual clothing and is very laid-back. She loves reading books. Her father can bring stories to life and she finds she can do that, too. She is the daughter of Mo and Resa..

Biography Edit


In the first book in the Inkworld trilogy, Inkheart, Meggie learns that her father can bring stories to life and is being chased by a man called Capricorn for this. She learns her mother disappeared into Inkheart and is read out of it mute by Darius. She gets captured by Capricorn and Mo comes to save her. Together with her great-aunt Elinor, Dustfinger - a fire-eater, Farid - a boy called from a book, Fenoglio - the writer of Inkheart (fictional) and a horned marten named Gwin, Meggie and Mo try to destroy Capricorn and his evil army.


In Inkspell, Meggie reads herself and Farid into the book Inkheart, after modifying Orpheus' script for Dustfinger, wanting to experience the world of Resa's many stories. The two reunite with their old friends Dustfinger and Fenoglio. While Farid immediately goes to seek Dustfinger, Meggie stays behind with Fenoglio and the two bring back the dead prince Cosimo - Fenoglio writing the script and Meggie reading him out. She also shows hints of feelings for Farid, who often kisses her on the spur of the moment. The two, along with Fenoglio (who is now the royal poet of Ombra) and Resa, and try to save Mo, under his alias of "the Bluejay", from an execution.


In Inkdeath, Meggie follows the strolling players under the leadership of the Black Prince. The romantic relationship with Farid is shattered as Meggie feels betrayed by his inability to come see her due to his service to Orpheus and his love for Dustfinger instead of her. Meggie accompanies the Bluejay into Ombra Castle, begins a new relationship with a boy named Doria, and helps the strolling players to fend off an attack by the Milksop.