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The "Inkworld," as it is called by some of its inhabitants, is the world within Inkheart (the book written by Fenoglio). It's where Capricorn and his men originated, as well as where most of the plotlines of Inkspell and Inkdeath took place.It is a parallell world and also includes The Wayless Wood and Ombra Castle and a mountain range and right at the end the Castle in the Lake.and many fields and also it is a medieval world.Dustfinger also hails from this world.Also Gwin comes from this world.


The Inkworld consists of many fields.A mountain range runs across the center,dividing the other parts of the world.At the end of it is a large lake which has a castle in it.Inkworld's geography also includes the Wayless Wood.There is another mountain range on which Ombra Castle stands.There are also lots of rivers.There is sea on the south and on the west is Argenta,the Realm of the Adderhead.There is also a lake where the water-nymphs live.The Inkworld is possibly disc-shaped.To the north is Lombrica.

Buildings Edit

These are Ombra Castle,The Castle in the Lake ,a town and a Spelt-Mill.And Basta's old house on the edge of a village.And an Infirmary.Also there is Capricorn's Fortress.


Some of the Inkworld's inhabitants come out of their book.Most of the plotlines in the next books take place in this world.Dustfinger dies and the Adderhead takes control.Meggie and friends defeat the Adderhead and revive Dustfinger..