This book is very nice

Author: Cornelia Funke
Cover Artist: N/A
Publish Date: 2005
Editions: Hardcover, Paperback
Tumult ensues as the earthly characters of Inkheart are read into Fenoglio's now-twisted story.

Inkspell (original German title: Tintenblut (which actually means Inkblood) is the second book in the Inkworld trilogy.


To Brendan Fraser,

whose voice is the heart of this book.

Thanks for inspiration and enchantment.

Mo wouldn't have stepped into my writing room without you,

and this story would never have been told.

To Rainer Strecker,

who is both Silvertongue and Dustfinger.

Every word in this book is just waiting for him to read it.

And of course, as almost always, last but for sure not least,

for Anna, wonderful, wonderfil Anna, who had this

story told to her on many walks, encouraged and advised me,

and let me know what was good and what could still be

improved (I very much hope that the story of Meggie and Farid

has its fair share of the book now?)


1. Words made to Measure

2. Fool's Gold

3. Dustfinger Comes Home

4. Silvertounge's Daughter

5. Farid

6. The Inn of the Strolling Players

7. Meggie's Decision

8. The Minstrel Woman

9. Meggie Reads

10. The Inkworld

11. Gone

12. Uninvited Guests

13. Fenoglio

14. The Black Prince

15. Strange Sounds on a Strange Night

16. Only a Lie

17. A Present for Capricorn

18. Mortola's Revenge

19. Birthday Morning

20. Visitors frim the Wrong Side of the Forest

21. The Prince of Sighs

22. Ten Years

23. Cold and White

24. In Elinor's Cellar

25. The Camp in the Forest

26. Fenoglio's Plan

27. Violante

28. The Wrong Words

29. New Masters

30. Cosimo

31. Elinor

32. The Wrong Man

33. Fairydeath

34. Cloud-Dancer's Message

35. Ink-Medicine

36. Screams

37. Bloodstained Straw

38. An Audience for Fenoglio

39. Another Messenger

40. No Hope

41. The Captives

42. A Familiar Face

43. Paper and Fire

44. The Burning Tree

45. Poor Meggie

46. A Knock on the Door

47. Roxane

48. The Castle by the Sea

49. The Mill

50. The Best of All Nights

51. The Right Words

52. Angry Orpheus

53. The Barn Owl

54. In the Dungeon of the Castle of Night

55. A Letter from Fenoglio

56. The Wrong Ears

57. Fire and Water

58. Invisible as the Wind

59. The Adderhead

60. Fire on the Wall

61. In the Tower of the Castle of Night

62. Where To?

63. The Badger's Earth

64. All Is Lost

65. Lord of the Story

66. Blank Paper

67. Kindness and Mercy

68. A Visit

69. The Night Before

70. The Pen and the Sword

71. Only a Dream

72. An Exchange

73. The Bluejay

74. Farid's Hope

75. Alone Again

76. A New Poet

77. Where Now?