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The fictional version of Inkheart was written by Fenoglio. He says it was named after the "black heart" of the antagonist, Capricorn.To make sure that he would never go back to his world,Capricorn destroyed all the copies of this book.Its actual plot is a bit of a mystery,except that Dustfinger dies at the end and there is an evil duke and a part with the Shadow.There are many illustrations in the book of medieval castles,etc.Its setting is the Inkworld.It also includes an illustration of Gwin and another of Dustfinger.And a part with the party in Ombra Castle.And one of a castle which was rebuilt in Capricorn's Village to match the illustration.Both Capricorn and Orpheus both want copies of the book.It is unknown when it was published.Must have been published around the 1950s or 60s.


Very little is known of the plot of this book,but lots of illustrations are there.It is possibly a children's book.And it is mentioned that Dustfinger will die at the end of the book,in the Spelt-Mill.And there is a part with the Shadow.


There are many illustrations in this book.There are many pictures of castles and of Gwin or Dustfinger.


There must be 20 or 17 chapters at least.