Fenoglio (fictional author)
Current Affiliation: Inkworld
Past Affiliation(s): Real World
Book Appearances: Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath
Grandchildren: Paula, Pippo
Allies: Old allies: Mortimer Folchart,Meggie Folchart,Elinor Loredan,Dustfinger and Farid
New allies: Rosenquartz,Minerva,Cosimo the Fair and the Black Prince

Fenoglio, also known as "Inkweaver", is a character in the Inkworld trilogy.


Fenoglio is described as being an elderly man with dyed-black hair. By Inkdeath, however, it is long and grey.


Before the BooksEdit

Fenoglio wrote the book Inkheart, and said that he titled the book after the black heart of its antagonist, Capricorn.


In Inkheart,He meet Mortimer Folchart (aka Mo), Meggie Folchart, Dustfinger and Farid, at the village he lived in with his family, when Mo came to see if he said a copy of Inkheart. When he meet Dustfinger, Fenoglio made him scared and he left with Farid. He is then captured with Meggie by Basta and brought to the Capricorn's village. There he reveals himself as the Inkheart's writer to Capricorn only. To force him to keep this secret, Capricorn threaten him to hurt his two grandchilds. He helped Meggie Folchart when they were both taken captive by writing a new coda in which Capricorn and his monster servant, The Shadow, are killed. This was then read aloud by Meggie and her father, Mortimer, turning fiction into reality.On the night of Capricorn's death, Fenoglio is accidentally transported into the world which he created.


In Inkspell,He lived for almost a year in the Inkworld, where he makes a living as a poet. he lives in Minerva's, Fengolio's kindly landlady, house and pays for his board by telling her childern, Despina & Ivo, stories. He purchases a glass man named Rosenquartz, who sleeps on Fenoglio's writing desk, and helps him ink his quills. Fengolio has the power to change the Inkheart, by writing new parts to the story. He becomes court poet to Cosimo the Fair after Meggie reads the once-dead prince out of the paper he wrote for her. Rosenquartz- a glass man who works as Fenoglio's helper.


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