Elinor Loredan (character)
Current Affiliation: Real World
Past Affiliation(s): None
Book Appearances: Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath
Teresa Folchart
Mortimer Folchart
Meggie Folchart
Allies: Darius

Elinor Loredan is a character in the Inkworld trilogy.


Elinor is a medium height old woman with grey hair and bright eyes. She has an aura of an extremely knowledgeable person around her.

She is Teresa's aunt, Meggie's great aunt. She is an avid book collector.



She first appeared when Meggie and Mo fled their house due to Capricorn looking for them. Meggie thought Elinor was rude. Elinor had many, many books all over her house, her most valuable ones in her library. Elinor goes to Capricorn's village and comes back to her house in Italy, to find her favourite and most valuble books burnt and a red rooster hanging on her bookshelf.  In the end, Elinor starts to like Meggie.

Inkspell Edit

In this book Meggie reads herself  into Inkworld with Farid, leaving her family shocked and depressed by her absence. Capricorn's army comes and locks Mo, Resa, Darius, and Elinor in the cellar. Then Basta gets another "reader" called "Orpheus" to read them into the book. Orpheus reads them into the book along with Mortola, the late Capricorn's mother. The only people left are Darius and herself. At this point Elinor starts sobbing and tries to persuade Darius to read her into the book to. Daruis refuses, as he stutters and this leaves people deformed after travelling into a new story.


At the beginning of Inkdeath she is angry and complains about anything because she misses Meggie, Mo, and Resa. In the middle of the book she gets Darius to read them in the book to find Meggie and the rest.


In the movie version of Inkheart, Elinor wears a long skirt and a coat. She has a hat on her head. Helen Mirren portrays Elinor in Inkheart The Movie.