Dustfinger (Inkworld)
Current Affiliation: Inkworld
Past Affiliation(s): Real World
Book Appearances: Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath
Brianna, Rosanna
Allies: Meggie Folchart, Mortimer Folchart, The Black Prince, Farid, Teresa Folchart, Cloud-Dancer

Dustfinger, also known as "the fire-eater", is a character in the inkheart trilogy who wants to go home ( into the book with his wife and children )




Before the BooksEdit

Dustfinger was born in the kingdom of Argenta, where he grew up along with The Black Prince, with whom he apparently got into great mischief from the fact that the two were pilloried together at age 11.[1]


Dustfinger is a fire eater who was plucked from a different world along with Capricorn and Basta through a fantasy novel read aloud by Mo Folchart. In his native world, Dustfinger has the rare ability to control fire by speaking to it, and, when he finds himself thrust into Mo's universe, he continues to make his living by busking.
Dustfinger is never seen without his pet horned marten, Gwin. His apprentice, Farid, who was also read out of his world in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights by Mo, is pleased to be freed from constant work and possible beatings. Dustfinger, on the other hand, longs to return to the world he had known, and seeks out a person with the same gift as Mo to read him back.


It is revealed in Inkspell that what Dustfinger yearns to return to is the family he has left behind in his own world. Dustfinger had a wife, a minstrel named Roxane, and two daughters with her: Brianna, who works as a servent to Violante at The Laughing Prince's castle, and Rosanna, who died of fever during the ten years that Dustfinger was away. Roxane, assuming that Dustfinger was dead, remarried a poor farmer and had a son, Jehan, by him. When Dustfinger returns to his former home, Roxane suspects that Farid, who has followed Dustfinger, is her first husband's son by another woman.[2]
Following an old tale of a fire-eater who lost his son, Dustfinger gives his own life to the White Women — spirits who come to gather the souls of the dead — in exchange for that of Farid, whom he considers the son he never had.[3]


Dustfinger returns in Inkdeath when Mo, also known as the Bluejay throughout the book, is taken by the White Women to take Dustfinger back on the condition that Mo destroy the Adderhead's book of immortality. His appearance changes slightly in that his scars disappear when he comes back.[4] In addition, his usual attitude towards Mo changes: Dustfinger used to hate Mo for ripping him from his story, but after coming back from the dead, he has warmer feelings towards Mo. He becomes the Bluejay's "shadow," continually looking out for and protecting Mo. He is also braver and less fearful than in the time before his death. His powers with fire also increase.


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