Cloud Dancer
Current Affiliation: Current Group
Past Affiliation(s): Inkworld
Book Appearances: Inkspell
Unknown Unknown
Allies: Dustfinger

Cloud DancerEdit

Cloud Dancer is a friend of Dustfinger's. They knew eachother mostly through what they did for a living; they were both Strolling Players. Cloud Dancer was previously a tight-rope walker until a market trader threw a cabbage at him (Cloud Dancer assumes because he may have been distracting his customer), causing him to fall off of his rope and injure his left leg badly. He broke his leg and several ribs. He had a bad limp, but he could still manage to get around on foot. After his injury, he made a living delivering letters and such to people. Although his speed was slow, he was a very trusted messenger, so many people still paid him to deliver messages.

His DeathEdit

Cloud Dancer died after delivering a message to Fenoglio from Meggie. Cloud Dancer gave the message to Fenoglio, and Basta heard about it.Fenogliohid while Basta tried to get Cloud Dancer to tell him what the message said. Cloud Dancer truthfully told Basta that he couldn't read, but Basta didn't believe it. Cloud Dancer attempted to run, but seeing as he had one stiff leg, he didn't get far before Basta caught up and thrust his knife through Cloud Dancer's back.